When Your wedding is Uncertain: Hope for the “Not Yet Married” and Wedding Uncertainties in this Pandemic

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It is a few days to our wedding and marriage. But Covid-19 is here. Coronavirus has been a stopper to many things for some weeks now, especially with the lockdown. Jobs, businesses, travels and so on.

We still hope to get married and open to whichever way that will happen. However, the government offices that offer certification of marriages have suspended fresh registration of marriages until further notice. Coronavirus cases are increasing daily. The government and some health workers project that this will continue to go up in the next few months even as measures are taken to control the spread of this deadly virus.

We don’t know what will happen in the next few weeks or even months. It is a confusing, disruptive and destabilizing season to say the least, the new normal. We sure do not know what the future holds. There is so much uncertainty in most…

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‘It shall be well, I see you smiling, you will be shining…’

I get my Facebook friends often sharing photos or stories of famous people mostly who will often use these words and who on such a post will get uncountable likes, a thousand comments typing Amen and some hundreds of sharing. It gets me wondering and thinking…

Well, that has become such a popular line not only in social sites but also in pulpits and mention them… We are bound to hear or read this almost every day. And it’s a very encouraging line especially if we happen to be going through some hard times or waiting for something.

It’s true my tomorrow may be very bright, everyone has such a dream. And how we wish it were true, because it always does not happen. Maybe there’s another future they don’t talk so much about…? Continue reading


These Little Angels, But oh They Are Sinners!

I had never worked with children for my whole life until last year when I joined iServe Africa. I thought it was a ministry for some, and after all mothers know how to handle their kids better, I said to myself. So, I never bothered, mostly because of ignorance but also because it was a very genuine ignorance. Now I know better! I came face to face with the immense and desperate help these little Continue reading


Always Walking Away…


Some few weeks ago I had a somewhat funny but inspiring experience with this stubborn boy. We were in a Sunday school class, and he did not want to stay; he wanted to join his mum and dad who happened to be also in their session-and so you get that my colleague and I were trying to stay with the kids. But not just stay because we were teaching them God’s Word.

So we sang, had introductions and then it came, the time for the Word. He couldn’t take it, guess already bored and unlike other kids he just couldn’t concentrate and so he decided to make it clear to me, by going to the door (I was helping keep order as my colleague taught). Continue reading


And if I perish, I perish…!

In class. Christians and government! Do we have a part to play? Many of us hate politics and it has been called a ‘dirty game’ by many, and that’s understandable especially from our context. And from our history particularly it is one discouraging aspect that maybe if asked we would opt for its non-existence.

And our facilitator just started in an odd way. I thought this is a political class so we just go political you know. Continue reading


But is there a Remnant?

I have been zealous for the Lord God Almighty. The Israelites have rejected your covenant, broken down your altars, and put your prophets to death with the sword. I am the only one left, and now they are trying to kill me too.” 1 Kings 19:10, 14

That may be the statement (or close to it) many Christians may make or have made when things seem to be turning upside down. Elijah said the same thing at a time when there seemed to be no hope in Israel. But listen to what the Lord tells him: Continue reading


Love-The Life!

Love, it is the greatest of all,
it is the light that shines so bright,
the proof of our salvation,it stands tall,
to lay down our lives for others we ought.

Love, it is as strong as death,
it is the new commandment,
But for many it is the least trended path,
when all we want is our own contentment.

Love, it changes hearts,
it is the most powerful tool in the world.
By their fruits shall you know them;not gifts,
and aha love a fruit it is.

Love is not one of the virtues-
it is the Christian life.
Love is not one of the most important things-
it is the one thing.
Love is a commandment.
Love is the oxygen of the Kingdom.
Love is how we model Him that loved us,
For by this shall they know you are my disciples.
And so love is the life.